Service Guarantee

Julianna’s Five Written Guarantees When You Sell Your Home

In consideration of our listing agreement on your home, I guarantee the following commitments and services to you.

1.”LISTING SATISFACTION” ~ If any time (before the offer!) you are not 100% satisfied with Julianna’s services, you can cancel my listing.

2.”FREE MARKET EVALUATION” ~ Julianna will provide you with a detailed market analysis, (not just printouts of listings), to assist you in pricing your home to sell.

3.”COMMITMENT IN WRITING!” ~ A 18 point Marketing Strategy—featuring both traditional and electronic strategies, ensuring you get your home  the exposure it deserves.

4.”YOUR CALL RETURNED IN 1 HOUR.” ~ If Julianna doesn’t return your call within one hour of receiving your page, he will reduce your commission by $25 for each occurrence.

5.”FOLLOW UP!” ~ Julianna will  contact you at least once per week during the currency of the agreement or for every week missed he will take off $50 your commission.