Benefits of a Home Inpection

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The Benefits of a Home Inspection


For Buyers:


If you’re serious about buying a home, a qualified home inspection is a small investment that offers major returns. The inspection determines the structural and mechanical soundness of the home, and identifies existing and potential problem areas. A standard report by a qualified home inspection company also lists practical suggestions and provides cost estimates for repairs. You will then have precise information about the condition of the home and full knowledge of any work that may be required. It’s a cost-effective way to buy peace-of-mind while undertaking one of life’s most important investment decisions.


Your Buckingham sales representative will be happy to provide you with a list of qualified inspectors.



For Sellers:


Preparing for Home Inspection


If you are selling your home, there is a very good chance you will receive a visit from a professional house inspector. It is wise to be prepared and fully understand what inspectors will be looking for. An ounce of prevention will help ensure your home inspection is a success.


You may wish to familiarize yourself, or have an advance inspection, to identify the condition of your home in the following areas:


1. Structural: Inspectors will be looking for structural damages caused by renovations, termites or dry rot, or signs of cracks from the settling of the foundation. The condition of support beams and joists will be inspected for integrity.


2. Electrical: Correct loose or incorrectly wired receptacles, switches or electrical box problems.


3. Water: Correct any water leaks, which can cause extensive damage over time. Check for basement and roof leaks, as well as areas where there are drain pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water. Ceilings and floors will show evidence of water damage, as will the underside of sinks.


4. Plumbing: An inspector will look to see if all plumbing fixtures are working, protected by grouting or caulking and free from cracks. Also ensure that drains are clog-free.


5. Heating and Cooling Systems: Your heating and cooling systems will be checked for working condition, up-to-date servicing and cleanliness.


6. Safety: Ensure all windows and doors lock securely and open easily. Remove any potential hazard such as loose railings or rotting steps.